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Property Lots

Clos de Sixte, an exclusive cottage community just minutes from the city, offers a rare opportunity to blaze trails for future generations. 

Lac St Sixte

Glorious sunsets and a body of water bordered by an age-old forest. West-facing lots conjure images of alfresco sunset dinners, or slow afternoons spent on the kayak. All preferences are satisfied, as each lot holds something special for its future occupant.

Lac BronRob

Wake up with the sun and soak up that Vitamin D all day long. Recharge in these East and South-facing family estates with the soothing sound of water lapping at the shore and multifunctional trails at your doorstep to invigorate every day. 

Mountain Lots

The best show mother nature has to offer; changing of the seasons, spectacular sunrises - and you get a front row seat. Coniferous and deciduous trees as far as the eye can see, with endless access to both Lac St-Sixte, Lac BronRob and amenities. Enjoy the best of both worlds here - peaceful seclusion within a gated community for social satisfaction. Such a rare opportunity does not come along every day. Seize it.

Lot Price List 

Please contact for further inquiries on subject lands.

Bron Rob Lot 8

Acres: 6.7

Roadfront: 45 m

Lakefront: 134.5 m

Price: $450,000

Mountain Lot 1

Acres: 4.0

Roadfront: 66 m

Price: $160,000

Mountain Lot 3

Acres: 3.7

Roadfront: 65 m

Price: $150,000

Bron Rob Lot 9

Acres: 8.0

Roadfront: 45 m

Lakefront: 86.5 m

Price: $500,000

Mountain Lot 2

Acres: 3.8

Roadfront: 63 m 

Price: $135,000

Mountain Lot 4

Acres: 3.2

Roadfront: 66 m

Price: $150,000

Mountain Lot 5

Acres: 3.5

Roadfront: 147

Price: $165,000

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