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Our Story


Bob McElligott working with legendary developers, top builders, leading architects and planners since the late 1960s, he's shaped communities, steered innovative growth and clinched the kind of major transactions that have transformed our landscape.  His company Timberlay Developments tackled may projects in Ottawa including being the original builder in Barrhaven, Rockcliffe on the Lake, Browns’ Inlet in the Glebe, Somerset Court and Gallery court on Murray and Sussex Drive. Over the years he joint ventured with industry titans such as Bill Teron, the Fuller Group, Sol Shabinsky and Pat Gillan in building some 3,500 units.  


Mont-Tremblant was also host to many of his land developments including Chateau Beauvallon on Montée Ryan,  Bois de Beauvallon on lac Ouimet and Village Rivière du Diable and at the outset instrumental in bringing Intrawest to the Mountain.


Today? He’s in his element. As co-founders of Brickland Timberlay, he and his wife Micheline are tackling diverse, larger-than-ever projects and building on his history of excellence.  


Micheline McElligott has a history of working with large corporations, satisfying their needs of accommodation through either purchase or leasing office space.   Through her company Brickland Investors Corporation, she invested and re-developed many multi-unit residential buildings in the City of Ottawa.   In the 1990s, she made a move to Global Affairs Canada as a Planner | Portfolio Manager.  Working with her team of architects, interior designers and legal counsel, she travelled the globe negotiating the purchase or lease of properties to house Canadian embassies, consulates and permanent missions to the United Nations.

Then Micheline started helping with Bob’s work, and was really captivated. “It’s been a lot of fun, working back in the private sector. Bob’s the master planner, the visionary.” For her part, Micheline has added a wealth of expertise to the company as a result of her broad international experience, becoming its chief operating officer.  Hence they founded a new company in early 2000s.


Brickland Timberlay Corporation was founded merging Bob’s savvy “kitchen table” approach with Micheline’s multinational savoir faire, together their projects included various projects in Mont-Tremblant and Clos de Sixte, which they keep close to their heart, an exclusive, 450-acre gated cottage community between Ottawa and Mont-Tremblant. 

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